Pro Gambler, Influencer Mikki Mase Detained by Police Over Gunshots

  • Mase was detained with three friends over reports of gunshots nearby
  • He claimed he heard fireworks earlier in the same neighborhood
  • Mase has appeared on Hustler Casino Live and boasts big baccarat wins
Los Angeles Police badge
Gambler and influencer Mikki Mase has had to face questions from the LA police over gunshot reports. [Image:]

Mikki Mase, a well-known social media influencer and professional gambler, has been detained and questioned by Los Angeles police. The arrest came as neighbors in the Chatsworth area reported hearing gunshots. Police questioned Mase and three other men.

Police arrived on the scene wearing tactical helmets and carrying rifles after receiving the call at around 10.30pm. As seen in a video of the incident, Mase and the three other men then approached police walking along the road. Officials told them to approach with their hands up before handcuffing them:

Police made no arrests in the incident. The Los Angeles Times contacted Mase via phone on Monday. He said: “It’s not a crime to walk on a public walkway. We were not on private property. I saw a firework fired earlier in the night and thought it was weird, but thought if I lived out here I might do the same thing.”

racked up more than $900,000 in losses in nine appearances on the show

Mase, real name Michael Meiterman, has appeared a number of times on poker show Hustler Casino Live and is wearing a hoody carrying the show’s logo in the video. The gambler has racked up more than $900,000 in losses in nine appearances on the show.

In a recent Discovery documentary series called “Hustlers Gamblers Crooks,” Mase claimed he won $4.5m playing baccarat at multiple Las Vegas casinos.

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