New Study Finds That iGaming Actually Enhances Land-Based Casino Revenue

  • Researchers looked at six states before and after iGaming legalization
  • Pennsylvania saw the biggest increase with an 58% increase in land-based revenue
  • Survey respondents said they didn’t visit casinos any less due to online alternatives
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A new study has revealed that land-based casino revenue increases when iGaming becomes legal in a state. [Image:]

A new study shows that iGaming platforms actually enhance the revenue of land-based casinos rather than cannibalize them. Opponents of legalization in many states have often contended that these sites would hurt existing retail ventures.

The Sports Betting Alliance released findings on Thursday in which Analyst Group economists looked at the revenue of casinos before and after the introduction of iGaming in six states.

The study shows that overall land-based revenue in these markets was 46% higher in 2023 than before the legalization of iGaming. The state with the biggest increase was Pennsylvania, with land-based revenue jumping almost 59% between 2018 and 2023. New Jersey was not far behind with a 56% increase to $4.7bn.

Gambling research and consulting firm Eilers & Krejcik released a report last month that showed similar results.

did not lower their number of visits to land-based casinos or the amount they spend

Researchers also asked current and potential iGaming consumers questions, with most of the people who already use online platforms saying they did not lower their number of visits to land-based casinos or the amount they spend at the properties after beginning to use online options.  

The main difference between the two forms of gambling in the eyes of many respondents was that iGaming is a more convenient and casual option, while land-based facilities are a more social affair that can also include other types of entertainment.

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