Man Uses Snake as a Weapon in Casino and Convenience Store Robbery Attempts

  • Jason McBrayer faces animal cruelty and robbery by force or fear charges
  • The 43-year-old scared a slot machine player and took their $445.80 jackpot
  • Police arrested him the next day after he threatened a convenience store clerk
A man is facing robbery and animal cruelty charges after robbing a casino patron by threatening him with a snake. [Image:]

Taking a different approach

In a bizarre incident at an Oklahoma casino, a man threatened a patron with a live snake before robbing their slot machine jackpot. Jason McBrayer also allegedly threatened a convenience store worker using the same approach before Oklahoma City police arrested him last month.

used a pocket knife to cut off the snake’s head

In the lead-up to the authorities apprehending the 43-year-old, he used a pocket knife to cut off the snake’s head. McBrayer officially received animal cruelty and robbery by force or fear charges this week. It is unclear if the snake was venomous; it did not bite anyone.

Successful first robbery

The initial incident took place at the Remington Park Casino when the suspect sat beside a patron who had just won a slot machine jackpot.

The Remington Park Casino is home to over 750 slot machines and is attached to one of the state’s most popular horse racing tracks.

McBrayer pulled out the snake and waved it in front of the man who was so frightened that he got up and fled the property, leaving behind his winning ticket worth $445.80. McBrayer proceeded to take the voucher, went to an ATM in the casino to cash it out, and left the facility.

A rare occurrence

The second incident took place the very next day after the casino robbery, as police received reports of a man threatening people with a snake. He allegedly lunged aggressively at a convenience store worker with the snake and went up to numerous customers before eventually cutting off the snake’s head and throwing it away.

officers apprehended him at a bank down the street

McBrayer fled the scene when police arrived and officers eventually apprehended him at a bank down the street. Talking to local media about the bizarre choice of weapon in this case, Oklahoma City Police Department Master Sergeant Gary Knight said: “You don’t see a snake or even an animal for that matter used as a weapon in a robbery very often.”

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