Squid Game Brain Teaser: Find the Missing Zipper

  • Light & Wonder has launched the Squid Game One Lucky Day slot
  • It is based off the highly popular South Korean Netflix show
  • Celebrate the launch by finding the missing zipper in our brain teaser
Squid Game logo
Time to celebrate the launch of the Squid Game One Lucky Day slot by finding the missing zipper on our brain teaser.

How long will it take you to solve this challenging Squid Game puzzle? 

Are you a fan of the South Korean television series Squid Game?

To mark the launch of Light & Wonder’s exciting new Squid Game One Lucky Day slot, and with Netflix confirming a new season of Squid Game: The Challenge in 2024, we want to challenge you to a tricky Squid Game brain teaser.

Can you spot the missing zipper on one of the guards’ uniforms? 

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat the ten-second record? Try the seek-and-find puzzle below!

So, how did you do? If you spotted the missing zip in less than 40 seconds, you beat the average time taken to solve the challenge. 

Why not share our brain teaser with your friends and other Squid Game fans too?

And if you’re still stuck, don’t worry, you can find the brain teaser answer below: 

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