Nevada Casino Facing $500k Fine Over Aggressive Security Officers

  • The Nevada Gaming Commission will determine the penalty on Thursday
  • One altercation saw security officers using excessive force on a patron
  • The other incident involved an employee who was falsely told they were fired
Security man
A casino in Nevada is facing a $500,000 fine after not reporting two serious altercations involving security officers. [Image:]

Two concerning incidents

The Nevada Gaming Commission is considering issuing a $500,000 fine to a casino in Laughlin after the venue failed to report two different physical altercations in 2022 involving security staff. The regulator will come to a final decision during its meeting on Thursday.

someone falsely reported that a casino worker was smoking marijuana

One of the altercations began after someone falsely reported that a casino worker was smoking marijuana while on their shift. Meanwhile, the other led to a patron suffering injuries following their removal from the property.

In February, the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) signed off on two complaints involving the Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino.

A heated exchange

The first altercation took place in July 2022 when casino staff asked a patron to stop playing a slot machine so an accounting procedure could take place. After initially questioning the request, the person complied and headed towards the exit with friends.

One of the officers then mocked the patron’s accent, which led to a verbal exchange that escalated into security wrestling the person to the ground and handcuffing them. The customer complained about a leg injury and went to the hospital. The casino’s security investigator concluded that the staff member used excessive force.

The Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino is located on the Colorado River and has 1,405 hotel rooms, as well as a 10,000-square-foot gaming floor.

Imprisoning staff

The other incident took place in August 2022 and began when a security officer escorted an employee, suspected of smoking marijuana, to a back room. A human resources staff member said that the person was to go home while an investigation took place, but the officer instead told the worker that they would have to resign on the spot if they did not take a drug test.

A verbal exchange resulted in the officer telling the employee that they were fired. When the worker tried to leave, other officers blocked the exit and pushed them to the ground. One of the security guards then punched the employee five times.

lay unconscious for 18 minutes before someone put them in the recovery position

Security proceeded to call the police and said the employee assaulted them. The worker hit their head after security threw them into a holding cell and seemingly lay unconscious for 18 minutes before someone put them in the recovery position. Police arrived and questioned the officers who admitted they weren’t assaulted and had no proof of the supposed marijuana consumption. 

The authorities issued arrest warrants in March 2023 for the four security staff members with charges of false imprisonment and coercion with physical force.

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