Chinese Embassy Warns Its Citizens in Singapore to Not Engage in Gambling

  • The embassy warned its citizens that they can’t even gamble at legal casinos
  • It urged people to report anyone who might be engaging in any type of gambling
  • China wants to stop money from leaving the country through gaming channels
Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore
The Chinese embassy in Singapore has issued a reminder to all of its citizens in the country that they are not allowed to engage in overseas gambling. [Image:]

The Chinese embassy has warned all of its citizens who are in Singapore to stay away from all types of gambling as engaging in these activities overseas is illegal.

The statement on Monday from the embassy’s official WeChat account “solemnly reminded” people of Chinese laws that forbid people from placing bets even at Singapore’s legal casinos. It underscored that consulates and embassies “may not be able to provide consular protection for violations.”

It also mentioned some of the other risks associated with gambling, such as racking up debt, family issues, kidnapping, and cheating. The embassy urged people who are aware of Chinese citizens overseas who engage in gambling to report them to the police in Singapore or through another official reporting portal.

US$150bn was leaving the country’s shores annually through gaming channels

China has put a lot of work into stopping people from engaging in cross-border gambling since an amendment to its criminal code went into effect in March 2021. An estimated US$150bn was leaving the country’s shores annually through gaming channels.

Chinese embassies in other nearby countries that offer casino gambling, such as South Korea, have issued similar warnings recently.

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