Pennsylvania Lawmaker to Introduce Bill Prohibiting Credit Card Use on State Online Gambling Sites

  • State Sen. Wayne Fontana wants to curb problem gambling and rising credit card debt
  • The bill would cover iLottery, online casino, sports betting, and fantasy sports
  • Fontana did not give a specific date for introduction, but it will probably come in March
Person holding a credit card while gambling online
Pennsylvania State Senator Wayne Fontana says he will soon introduce a bill that would prohibit credit card use for online gambling. [Image:]

Pennsylvania State Senator Wayne Fontana has announced that he plans to introduce a bill that would make the use of credit cards for online gambling illegal. The legislation would cover the gamut of gaming in the state, including online casino games, sports betting, fantasy sports, and internet lottery. Fontana did not mention poker, but one would assume that is included, as well.

crippling credit card balances”

“Online gaming and sports betting is growing exponentially, especially with young adults,” said Senator Fontana on his website Friday. “At the same time, credit card debt is climbing. So we need to make sure the greater access to gambling isn’t leading to burdensome or crippling credit card balances.”

In a Senate Co-Sponsorship Memorandum last week, Fontana expressed concern for both rising credit card debt and problem gambling. He cited the 2022 Online Gaming Report by Penn State University that found that 36% of those who gambled online reported “at least one” gambling problem.

Credit cards provide easier access to funds for gambling, which, in turn, can contribute to gambling addiction and increased credit card debt.

Senator Fontana did not provide an exact date as to when he would introduce the bill, though, only saying that it would happen “soon.” March is a good guess, as Fontana noted that it is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

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