Integrity Monitoring Firm Flags Temple Basketball Game for Suspicious Betting

  • UAB beat Temple University in the game on a scoreline of 100-72
  • U.S. Integrity noticed a major change in the pre-game betting line
  • The company was reportedly already closely watching Temple’s games
Temple University building
U.S. Integrity has flagged Thursday’s men’s college basketball game between Temple University and UAB over suspicious betting activity. [Image:]

Sports betting monitoring company U.S. Integrity alerted operators about suspicious betting activity in a men’s basketball game between Temple University and the University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB). The American Athletic Conference (ACC) confirmed that it is aware of the alert and plans to thoroughly review the matter. UAB won the Thursday night contest, 100-72.

noticed a significant change in the betting line in advance of the game

U.S. Integrity noticed a significant change in the betting line in advance of the game. UAB was initially a 1.5-point favorite to defeat Temple, but the line ballooned to as much as eight points at one stage before finishing at seven points before tip-off. This level of movement usually occurs when big money comes in for one team. reported that U.S. Integrity was already closely watching Temple’s games. The company works with many NCAA conferences to keep an eye on wagering activity, as well as running an anonymous tip line. It played a role in uncovering a betting scandal involving the University of Alabama’s head baseball coach in April that led to his dismissal. The coach passed inside information to someone who then tried to place a six-figure wager.

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