Ryan Garcia Odds Lengthen in Devin Haney Fight After Social Media Meltdown

  • Ryan Garcia will fight Devin Haney for the world super-lightweight title in April
  • A series of bizarre X posts have seen Garcia’s odds lengthen from +350  to +550
  • He posted concerning videos mentioning Satan, before claiming he was put in jail
  • In an X Space, he said he was forced to watch sexual assault at Bohemian Grove
Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia has posted a series of bizarre tweets, prompting his odds to lengthen for his upcoming fight. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Questions over the fight

American boxers Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney are due to face each other on April 21 in a world super-lightweight title fight, but a series of bizarre social media posts from Garcia have caused some to question if the fight should even go ahead.

As the X posts have grown stranger over the past week, the odds for Garcia to beat Haney have shifted from +350 to +550.

We got him boys. RYAN GARCIA RIP B*TCH.”

While Garcia has never been the most sensical tweeter, his output seemed to get even weirder early this week in a flurry of posts. Among them were videos that made reference to Satan, perhaps the most concerning being a six-second clip. Featuring shaky camera work and an unidentified person, it was captioned: “We got him boys. RYAN GARCIA RIP B*TCH.”


The mystery continues

After deleting the cryptic posts, Garcia then released another video to confirm his wellbeing, but it seemed to pose more questions than answers. Speaking to the camera, he said: “I’m not in possession of my phone. I can’t get access to my Instagram. My cards are locked. I’m being real taken advantage of. They tried to put me in jail. I can’t access my money. But I’m okay.”

Following that post, he joined controversial media star Andrew Tate on an X space. He proceeded to claim he was held down and forced to watch sexual assault on “little kids” at a place called “Bohemian Grove.” “I’m not f*cking joking,” Garcia told Tate in an expletive-laden rant. “I have f*cking proof bro. I don’t give a f*ck. I will show you every f*cking video you will ever f*cking believe. Bohemian Grove is real.”

Bohemian Gove is a redwood grove in Northern California where an elite all-male group of America’s rich and powerful meet annually for a two-week encampment. The secrecy of the camp has caused many to question what happens there. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones released a documentary in 2000 filled with lurid accusations about grand plots and human sacrifice in the camp.

Questioned when he felt was the “right time” to reveal the supposed proof, Garcia said he didn’t know. Before hanging up on the X space, he said: “All I know is this – the information is out there. When you kill little boys… alright I have to hang up, they’re mad now.”

Concern on X

Following the posts and X space appearance, a number of people have shared their concern for Garcia’s wellbeing. One of these was former UFC star Tyron Woodley, who said in an interview that Garcia is “crying for help.” His ex-wife Andrea Celina also said she had been in contact with Garcia after the disturbing video to make sure he was okay.

Meanwhile, UFC star Dillon Dannis had this to say:

Others have called for the fight with Haney to be called off. This includes streamer-turned-boxer KSI, who urged someone to “actually get him some help.” He added: It’s sad watching him have a mental breakdown publicly like this.”

Others have claimed that Garcia may have a drug problem.

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