Trainwreck Hits Out at Stake for Complacency About “Fu*king Scam”

  • Trainwreck made comments about Stake on a stream with xQc over the weekend
  • He said he has had disputes with Stake founder Eddie Craven about the platform 
  • “Stake is complacent” about streamers faking their winnings, according to Trainwreck
Trainwreck has called out Stake for being complacent about streamers faking their gambling winnings on Kick.

If you think of content creator Trainwreck, usually the name Stake also comes to mind. The Arizonian streamer has long been partnered with crypto casino Stake and has served as one of the main advocates of its new streaming platform Kick. However, he recently shared that he is not too happy with how the casino and its owners do business.

Trainwreck, real name Tyler Niknam, joined xQc for a stream on Kick over the weekend. Asked if he gets upset about his gambling losses, Niknam said he does, admitting he has “one of the worst RTPs in the entire industry.” He added that this has led to disputes with Stake founder Eddie Craven: “I have gone on rants that are terrible against Stake and Eddie has been very pi*sed. Me and Eddie have gotten into many arguments.”

the absolute fraud motherfu*kers sitting there max winning every day, pretending it’s all real.”

Niknam then took aim at streamers who form fake money deals, pretending to win on stream to paint gambling as a profitable business. He expained: “It’s just a fu*king scam bro, like do you know how annoying it is, sitting there spinning all day? Then watching the absolute fraud motherfu*kers sitting there max winning every day, pretending it’s all real.”

“Of course I get angry and the fact Stake is complacent in that makes me even angrier,” Trainwreck concluded.

The streamer is known for speaking out on the issue of fake money deals. In 2022, he very publicly called out Roshtein and Xposed for such behavior, arguing that they weren’t being transparent with followers.

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