Chiefs Superfan Bank Robber Used Super Bowl Bet Winnings to Evade Police

  • Xaviar Babudar faces up to 50 years in prison for bank robbery, money laundering
  • Chiefs fan would launder the cash from his robberies through casinos in Missouri
  • Babudar used money made through Super Bowl betting to evade police while on bond
Person robbing man for cash
A Chief’s superfan has confessed to money laundering and robbing banks across seven states. [Image:]

Violent crimes

Football superfan ‘ChiefsAholic’ has confessed to a string of violent bank robberies across the Midwest and to laundering his stolen money through gambling.

11 bank robberies across seven states

Kansas City Chiefs fan Xaviar Michael Babudar, 29, pleaded guilty Wednesday to 11 bank robberies or attempted robberies. The US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Missouri (USAO-WDMO) shared a video statement about the plea from US Attorney Teresa Moore on X:

In her statement, Moore stated Babudar’s violent crime spree over 2022 and 2023 “traumatized bank employees and victimized financial institutions in seven states.”

The fan, who would attend NFL games as a wolf dressed in Chiefs clothing, pleaded guilty to one count each of bank robbery, money laundering, and transporting stolen property across state lines.

US District Judge Howard F. Sachs ordered Babudar to pay $532,675 in restitution, while setting his sentencing date as July 10. He faces up to 50 years in a federal prison without parole.

Robbery and gambling spree

Babudar’s staggering two-year crime spree saw him rob or attempt to rob financial institutions in California, Iowa, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, and Tennessee.

The USAO-WDMO stated he laundered much of his heist proceeds through area casinos and online gambling.

A striking example of this follows his $139,500 robbery of Tulsa Teachers Federal Credit Union in Oklahoma in December 2022. Police arrested Babudar shortly after the heist and found a Barstool Sportsbook Betslip for $20,000 and a FanDuel Betslip for $4,000.

In a July robbery before his arrest, Babudar stole $303,845 from First Class Community Credit Union in West Des Moines, Iowa. He then brought the cash back to Missouri, where he lived “a nomadic existence at various locations around the Kansas City metropolitan area.” The feds stated Babudar then began laundering the cash via Missouri casinos, transferring the money he received from them into his bank account.

come back and put a bullet in your head.”

Babudar employed the same modus operandi after robbing The Tennessee Credit Union in Nashville, Tennessee of $125,900 in November 2022; a heist during which he told employees that if the cash contained a dye pack, he would come back and put a bullet in your head.” With some proceeds from this robbery, he purchased casino chips worth $20,000 in multiple transactions from a local casino.

Authorities released the bank robber on bond in February 2023. Shortly afterwards, the Chiefs won the 2023 Super Bowl and Patrick Mahomes the Most Valuable Player award. Argosy Casino in Alton, Illinois then mailed Babudar a $100,000 check for winning bets he’d placed on the Chiefs and Mahomes in June 2022.

End of the road

Days later, the Chiefs fan removed his ankle monitor and fled Oklahoma, using his Super Bowl winnings to buy a vehicle in Nevada. He evaded law enforcement and robbed two further banks until police arrested him in Sacramento in July 2023.

he must also forfeit property, which includes an autographed painting of Mahomes

As part of Babudar’s Wednesday plea agreement he must also forfeit property, which includes an autographed painting of Mahomes the FBI recovered. Babudar’s attorney Matthew Merryman emailed a statement to the Kansas City Star, however, stating his client has taken responsibility for his actions.

“Xaviar loves the Chiefs Kingdom, he loves his family, and he loves Kansas City. He only hopes that you will all rally to his support,” the statement read.

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