Michael Jordan UNC Practice Jersey With Bizarre Back Story Sold for $108k

  • Buzz Peterson told the student team manager he would give her a jersey
  • His roommate, Brad Daughety, gave her Jordan’s number 23 practice jersey
  • The former manager will give the money to an equestrian charity
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A Michael Jordan UNC practice jersey sold for $108,000 over the weekend and it came with a wild back story. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

A practice jersey that Michael Jordan wore while playing at the University of North Carolina (UNC) sold for $108,000 at auction over the weekend. The back story raised eyebrows, with the team’s student manager explaining how it came into her possession.

She said she was looking to get a practice jersey in 1985 from one of the players during her senior year. Buzz Peterson promised her one and when she visited his apartment, Peterson’s roommate, future number one draft pick and five-time NBA All-Star Brad Daugherty, answered the door and handed the senior a jersey.

It was only later that the manager realized that it was, in fact, Michael Jordan’s number 23 practice jersey. She said Peterson traded with Jordan following their 1982 championship-winning season and has never said anything to her about it.

had a starting price of $24,000

The listing had a starting price of $24,000 and the seller plans to give the money to an equestrian charity.

Any authentic Michael Jordan jerseys go for big money. His Chicago Bulls jersey from Game 1 of the 1998 NBA Finals sold for $10m in 2022, while his 1992 Olympics jersey went for $3m last year.

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