Bill Perkins Buys Out of Shaun Deeb Body Fat Percentage Bet For $800,000

  • Deeb bet $100,000 at 10-1 odds that his body fat would be 17% by the 2024 WSOP
  • He started at 306 pounds and 40% body fat in March 2023
  • Three weeks ago, Deeb was at 221 pounds and 23.9% body fat
  • Weight loss and body fat prop bets have been popular in the poker world
  • Deeb still intends to get to his goal even though Perkins bought out
Shaun Deeb
Shaun Deeb has accepted an $800,000 buy-out from Bill Perkins for his $1m body fat percentage prop bet. [Image: / World Poker Tour]

Deeb accepts buyout

Three weeks ago, we all saw the selfie and I for one swooned like a southern belle. Shaun Deeb was on track and looking great heading into the final four months of his $1m prop bet with Bill Perkins. The six-time bracelet winner and former WSOP Player of the Year didn’t just post a thirst trap. He also shared a dual x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scan showing 23.9% body fat percentage.

Entering the challenge, he weighed in at 306 pounds and had a body fat percentage of around 40%.

In March 2023, Deeb wagered $100,000 at odds of 10-1 that he could get his body fat down to just 17% by the start of the 2024 WSOP. Entering the challenge, he weighed in at 306 pounds and had a body fat percentage of around 40%. Perkins’ $1m was obviously a massive incentive, but nonetheless it was a tall order and most people gave him little to no chance of getting there.

Well last night, according to Deeb, he and Perkins agreed on a buy-out to the tune of $800,000. The bet is officially over, but Deeb is determined to hit his goal anyway. He has even offered to take bets on himself if anybody doubts his conviction. It would be a brave person to wager against a man who, after this, will surely go down in history as one of the great prop bettors.

Poker players love weight loss and body fat props

These types of weight or body fat bets have been all the rage in poker for several decades. Back in 2010, six-time bracelet winner Ted Forrest bet Mike Matusow that we could go from 188 pounds to under 138 pounds in just two months. With $2m on the line, Forrest ended up making the weight although the bet was never resolved.

In 2017, Matt and Jaime Staples won $150,000 from Bill Perkins after completing a very creative bet at generous odds of 50-1 . The brothers were given one year to weigh within one pound of each other. At the beginning, Matt was 134 pounds and Jaime was 304 pounds but on March 25, 2018, they both weighed in at exactly 188.3 pounds.

In 2022, Doug Polk wagered $200,000 against Perkins that he could drop from 27.7% body fat to 13.85% in 12 months. On February 10, 2023, Polk conceded defeat after only getting down to 15.1% body fat.

An escape hatch

After victory against Polk, Perkins must have fancied his chances of taking another six-figure sum from a poker pro after he locked in the bet with Deeb. Body fat bets are notoriously more difficult because you need to be meticulous with the type of diet and the type of exercise that you do. You need to cut carbs, but continue to eat healthy fats and lots of protein. Cardio workouts are not as effective as weight-training.

from 306 pounds to 221 pounds, losing well over half of his body fat

Aware of what was needed, though, Deeb hired a team who knew how to get him there. On January 25, he posted a topless photo and a scan which showed that he had gone from 306 pounds to 221 pounds, losing well over half of his body fat along the way. Three weeks on, both of those figures have continued to drop, prompting Perkins to pursue an escape hatch.

Yesterday, Deeb tweeted the outcome of some negotiations he had completed with Perkins on Friday, February 16. He said:

“Last night after discussion with my wife Ashley, we decided to accept the buyout from Bill Perkins for $800K. I can’t thank him and Charlie enough for the bet they offered – it gave me the motivation to prove everyone wrong. I’m still working toward my goal of 17%. I’m going to get there to show my kids that if I can do this, they can do plenty of things people say are too hard or impossible. I initially thought to not announce the buyout since I am determined to reach the goal, but too many people have side action to not let them know that Bill bought out and at what %.”

Determination was always his secret weapon

Deeb was understandably in triumphant mood and still bullish about his chances of hitting the target.

“If anyone doubts me on still getting there”, he said, “I’m open to taking a lot more bets on myself.”

Speaking exclusively to VSO News just moments after the announcement, Deeb added: “If I want to do something, I will do it. From Day 1, I was very committed. I was actually ready to start ozempic before the bet was offered so let’s just say I had already made up my mind.”

It is clear that from the outset that it was Deeb’s determination that was his secret weapon. I asked him about tough days along the way, but he immediately played it down, saying:

I knew the long-term EV, so I had my eye on the goal whole time.”

“Nah, it was never too hard. My trainer, nutritionist, doctor and massage therapist all kept me at peak performance levels throughout. Being an MTT pro for 20 years, I knew the long-term EV, so I had my eye on the goal whole time. I honestly had very few cravings which made it easy. I cheated fewer than ten times and when I did cheat, I only grabbed a minimum amount of the snack.”

Deeb ended his statement by making an offer to help others in the community: “Anyone who needs advice on their own goals, feel free to reach out – if I can’t help I can direct you to someone who can.”

He turns 38 in just ten days and is very conscious of the fact that he has turned his health around at a crucial point in his life. He also wants to be a role model for his kids, so seeing this 17% body fat goal through is important for him beyond any additional bets that may get booked from here on out.

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