Dutch Ministers Reject “Total Ban on Gambling Advertising”

  • Dutch MPs in the Kamer of Netherlands have rejected a gambling ad ban measure
  • They did, however, approve a proposal for “overarching playing limits” in the KOA
  • Another approved measure will introduce stricter financial penalties for violations
The Hague
Dutch MPs in The Hague have rejected a proposal calling for a gambling ad ban. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Gambling companies operating in the Netherlands can count their blessings this week after local ministers rejected calls for a ban on gambling advertising.

six votes short of the majority required for it to pass

Christian Democratic Appeal MP Derk Boswijk put forward the proposal, which called for a “total ban on gambling advertising” across the country. Lawmakers of the Kamer of Netherlands rejected the measure in The Hague on Tuesday, with 70 of 150 MPs voting in its favor – six votes short of the majority required for it to pass.

In addition to Boswijk’s proposal, officials also voted on other mandates related to amending the Remote Gambling Act (KOA), the piece of legislation that has laid out rules for the Dutch online gambling sector since it went live in 2021.

Ministers approved a proposal from Mirjam Bikker, Party Leader of ChristenUnie, which called for “overarching playing limits” to be added to the KOA. He wants a “universal loss limit” for all customers of firms licensed in the Netherlands, without the possibility of amendment.

Meanwhile, officials also green-lit a mandate to impose stricter financial penalties for online gambling operators who violate the KOA at 10% of turnover. The proposal’s advocate, Socialist Party MP Michiel van Nispen, said he wants operators to face a fine “that really hurts” if they fail to meet standards.

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