NCAA Sanctions Ex-Sewanee Women’s Basketball Coach for Placing Over $93,000 in Bets

  • NCAA sanctioned Brody Curry for placing 407 bets on college, pro sports
  • Curry received one year’s probation, plus suspension for his first five games
  • A Tennessee advisory council informed Sewanee of Curry’s betting March 2023
NCAA sign
The NCAA has sanctioned an ex-Sewanee basketball coach for betting over $93,000 on college and professional sports. [Image:]

Curry suspended

The NCAA has sanctioned ex-The University of the South women’s basketball coach Brody Curry for placing over $93,000 in bets on both college and professional sports.

The NCAA’s Division III Committee on Infractions hearing panel released its ruling on Tuesday without naming Curry.

According to CBS Sports, Curry served assistant men’s basketball coach at Tennessee’s The University of the South, also known as Sewanee, from July 2019 until August 2022. He was the head women’s basketball coach from August 2022 through June 2023.

20 of the college bets were on women’s basketball games

The NCAA panel’s decision revealed Curry’s betting took place over a 26-month period between 2021 and 2023. He placed 407 bets on college sports totaling $28,000. The panel stated 20 of the college bets were on women’s basketball games that did not include Sewanee.

The NCAA’s decision is to give Curry one year’s probation for violating the body’s sports betting and ethical conduct rules, as well as head coach responsibility rules.

Probation and other penalties

Besides the probation, the NCAA hit Curry with a two-year show-cause order. According to a news release, wherever Curry is coaching during the show-cause period, “he will be suspended for the first five regular season games during the first season of employment.”

During these two years, any NCAA member institution hiring Curry is required to provide him with individual monthly rules education.

Sewanee, meanwhile, also incurred a raft of penalties, including two self-imposed ones: a $1,500 fine and the requirement that one Sewanee athletic department employee attend the 2024 and 2025 NCAA Regional Rules Seminars.

In its decision, the NCAA committee addressed “the prevalence of sports wagering activities on college campuses.”

important that those closest to student-athletes refrain from such behaviors”

The committee stated that it was “arguably even more important that those closest to student-athletes refrain from such behaviors to protect student-athletes.”

A cooperative process

Curry’s violations emerged in March 2023 when the Tennessee Sports Wagering Advisory Council informed Sewanee about its coach’s sports betting. In the summer of that year, the university accepted Curry’s resignation.

Members of the NCAA committee that reviewed the Curry case included the State University of New York Athletic Conference Commissioner Tom Di Camillo, Dean College President Kenneth Elmore, Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference Chair of the Committee and Commissioner Donna Ledwin, and Ohio Northern Athletics Director Tom Simmons.

According to the NCAA, it resolved the Curry case through a collective summary disposition process. This entailed all involved parties jointly submitting a written account of the case to the NCAA committee. Those involved then collectively agreed to the facts and violations, avoiding the need for a formal hearing.

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