Rubi Rose, Druski Win $1m Super Bowl Bets on PrizePicks

  • Rose and Druski had similar four-pick parlays
  • PrizePicks awared $1m in bonus bets to tailing customers
  • Rose had close to $40k in promo credits in her account
  • Influencer marketing is a fiercely-contested topic
Little kid celebrating falling cash
Rubi Rose and Druski controversially won $1m betting on the Super Bowl at PrizePicks. [Image:]

The Rubi Rose, Druski, and PrizePicks controversy

The internet was thrown into hysterics when rapper Rubi Rose and entertainer Druski both won $1m on PrizePicks after betting on Super Bowl LVIII.

part of a promotion that guaranteed a share of $1m in bonus bets

Both Rose and Druski, real name Drew Desbordes, are official PrizePicks partners. They were part of a promotion that guaranteed a share of $1m in bonus bets to every customer who tailed their bet slip if their picks hit.

After the dust settled and the Kansas City Chiefs won their third Super Bowl in five years, both Rose and Desbordes’ slips were graded as winners. But, as is usually the case when celebrities and major events are involved, internet sleuths had questions. 

The winning bet

Rose became a PrizePicks partner in 2023 and has since tweeted several screenshots of her bet slips, usually before the day’s games were played. She shared her Super Bowl bet slip, a $100,000, four-pick Power Play that could win $1m.

Her picks included: 

  • Marquez Valdes-Scantling more than 18.5 receiving yards
  • Isiah Pacheco more than 16 rushing attempts
  • Harrison Butker more than 1.5 field goals made
  • Jauan Jennings more than 3.5 fantasy points

If the bet hit, she would win a $1m prize and PrizePicks would split $1m in bonus bets amongst all customers that tailed her slip (or made the same picks).

Lo and behold, All four of Rose’s picks hit (three of them by the smallest of margins). She posted a picture of her winning slip with the caption “A milli up….all it took was faith.”

The official PrizePicks X (formerly Twitter) page also shared a video of Rose looking at her winning submission on her phone while the Chiefs were celebrating after their overtime victory. 

They also confirmed that everyone who tailed her plays would receive their share of the $1m in bonus bets by noon Eastern on Monday.

Deception afoot?

The rise of sports betting has opened many doors but also created many skeptics.

Many believed something was fishy when both Rose and Druski, who are not known for their sports betting expertise, won a million dollars, especially since Druski’s picks were similar to Rose’s yet off the beaten path as far as popular picks went.

Druski’s picks, also in a $100k four-pick Power Play, included:

  • Deebo Samuel less than 16.5 rushing yards
  • Noah Gray over 1.5 receptions
  • Harrison Butker more than 1.5 field goals made
  • Isiah Pacheco more than 16 rushing attempts

Doubt also arose after many noticed that Rose’s account, as seen in the video of her reacting to her big win, was filled with close to $40k in free bets.

Sportsbooks and gambling platforms have slowly gravitated toward influencer marketing, or paying popular figures to endorse their platform, and, as many believe, provide them with credits to place their bets.

Using influencers to promote gambling services remains a controversial topic. 

PrizePicks upheld its promise and awarded everyone who tailed Rose and Desbordes’ slips with an even split of the $1m prize pool.

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