VegasSlotsOnline News Talks to Max Win Gaming CEO Martin Mitrovich

  • Mitrovich believes Max Win Gaming’s core strength remains in its team
  • The company is evolving two new game mechanics, Multihops and DEADSPINS
  • Dr. FranCA$Hstein is a great mix between scatter pays, Multihops, and the theme
  • Max Win will launch Epic Treasure 2 this summer, an evolvement on the first
Max Win Gaming
VSO News sat down with Max Win Gaming CEO Martin Mitrovich to chat about new game Dr. FranCA$Hstein. [Image:]

Max Win Gaming is back with another hot slot title. Dr. FranCA$Hstein made it into VegasSlotsOnline News’ latest Slots of the Week thanks to its monster big wins and use of the cluster win mechanic. It is set in a spooky laboratory and various potions adorn the reels.

To find out a little more about the game and the company behind it, VegasSlotsOnline News recently spoke with Max Win Gaming CEO Martin Mitrovich.

Firstly, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you found yourself with Max Win Gaming?

It has been a journey now that i think about it. We started back in late 2015, pretty much figuring out the market at that time and constructing the foundations for a fully operational game studio.

We definetely came a long way to be where we are

Interesting here is that although we went a long way and expanded the team, every single one from the initial crew is still with us today! We definetely came a long way to be where we are and we are proud of it.

As CEO, what have been your main methods for competing in such a busy sector?

Since the very beginning I’ve been deeply involved in the game production. I am constantly following how the market performs and staying up to date with the industry trends.

During our journey, I’ve managed to establish very solid and successful partnerships. I am personally very thankful, and the whole Max Win Gaming team feel fortunate to be able to work with or around giants in the industry like Red Tiger, NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, and No Limit City under one big hat – Evolution. We are thankful for the opportunities that we get and very eager and ambitious to add value and be part of the group.

We share different ideas but we’ve always had the same vision

But our core strength remains in our team. I think one of the biggest accomplishments being a CEO of Max Win was being very close to the team and keeping it. Most of us are almost ten years together. We share different ideas but we’ve always had the same vision. Working very hard every day for as many hours needed, till late, on the weekends, i think thats what makes the difference. And still all of us enjoying the process and what we do. We all feel like one big family and I am sure the rest of the guys would tell you the same.

What is the modern slot player looking for in their games?

That’s a complex question. I dont think there’s a simple answer to it. There are many different sub groups of players that enjoy different mechanics and designs.

This is actually one of the reasons why after all these years we still experiment, create own mechanics, and try to cover (produce) a wide variety of game types. Many companies find a working recipe and stick to it by perfecting it in fine detail and I don’t blame them, that is certainly a way to go. We on the other hand keep pushing in different directions trying to cover more ground with a more diverse game portfolio. This is one of the very intriguing and challenging aspects of our work – to constantly try to re-evaluate our targets and make assumptions solidly backed up by facts and data.

Are there any new technologies in the slot space that you are excited about?

We are of course very excited about our own two evolving game mechanics namely Multihops and DEADSPINS.

Now, tell us about Dr. FranCA$Hstein. What is it that makes this game so special?

It’s a great mix between the popular scatter pays, our Multihops mechanics, the theme, and of course the name of the game.

Dr Francashstein slot reels by Max Win Gaming

The game looks great. Can you tell us how you came up with its unique style?

When we brainstorm around future games we kind of let it flow. I guess this time we really wanted to get in the lab of the mad scientist and play with the well-known theme for the monster creation. The team managed to balance it out nicely and create an eye-pleasant setting with a great symbiosis of action, sound, and effects.

Are there details on any upcoming Max Win Gaming slots you can share with us?

We are feeling very good about all of our upcoming games this year, however we are exceptionally thrilled about Don’t Hit PLZ! It will be out in April and we can’t wait to see what the feedback and overall acceptance of the game will be! It is based on our DEADSPINS mechanics and has some unique gameplay twists.

imagine a game where you start your Collector Bonus with the Max Win

I don’t want to reveal a lot now, but imagine a game where you start your Collector Bonus with the Max Win and hope for dead spins. More to share soon!

We are also launching Epic Treasure 2 this summer, it is going to be considerable evolvement of the ideas and the looks from the first game which was well appreciated by the community!

What is the goal moving into the rest of 2024?

One of our main goals for 2024 is to keep providing high quality games in a very busy production pipeline! Another one is to maximize the distribution of our games in a close collaboration with our partners.

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