Not Even the Nevada Gaming Control Board Is Immune to Spree of Cyberattacks

  • The website of the NGCB and NGC has shut down as the result of a cyberattack 
  • Officials have set up a temporary website and claim no personal info was stolen
  • MGM and Caesars lost millions of dollars in ransomware cyberattacks last year
Man with hacked computer
The Nevada gaming regulator is the latest to suffer a cyberattack, shutting down its website. [Image:]

One of the main headlines from last year was a spree of cyberattacks hitting gaming companies in the US. Las Vegas operators MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment both lost millions of dollars as a result of hacks on their systems, now it seems that the regulator that oversees them is facing issues of its own in 2024.

officials do not believe that any personal information or financial records have been stolen

The Nevada Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission have had to set up a temporary website after coming up against a cyberattack last week. The attack shut down their site completely, although officials do not believe that any personal information or financial records have been stolen.

The regulator confirmed the situation in an X post last week:

Users began to speculate that MGM’s systems had been hacked on September 11 last year when its website and withdrawals went offline. What followed was one of the most high-profile company hacks in US history as the ALPHV group demanded MGM pay millions of dollars to get its systems back on line and prevent a leak of customer information.

It is unclear if MGM did ultimately pay any money to the hackers, but the company supposedly lost $8.4m every day the cyberattack continued, lasting multiple weeks. Caesars suffered a similar hack just weeks earlier but decided to pay the $15m ransom to keep it under wraps.  

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