Equestrian Towns in France Get the Green Light to Open Casinos

  • The French parliament voted in favor of the new law on Wednesday
  • The casinos will bring new jobs and economic impact to the regions
  • Arnac-Pompadour and Saumur are the two main equestrian towns
Horse jumping
French lawmakers voted in favor of allowing equestrian towns to open casinos to help bolster their funding. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Lawmakers in France are backing a plan that will see equestrian-focused towns in the country get the approval to build casinos. The money coming from these properties would go into helping fund horse-related projects. France’s parliament approved a law on Wednesday that paves the way for these new developments.

Casinos would also create new jobs and indirectly benefit the regions. Arnac-Pompadour, a town in the central region of France, is home to one of the best-known equestrian event grounds. A local senator explained that the revenue from a casino would help to “maintain the 160 days a year of national and international equestrian sports.”

leaders hope a casino can be up and running within a couple of years

A council meeting is taking place on Thursday to start the tender process and leaders hope a casino can be up and running within a couple of years.

The only other town in the nation that falls into the category of an equestrian town is Saumur. It’s mayor also supports developing a new casino following the implementation of the new law.

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