Las Vegas Police Charge “Enemies of Allah” Teen as FBI Head Warns of Rising Terror Threats

  • A 16 year old was arrested after threatening “lone wolf” attacks on Las Vegas in support of ISIS
  • LVMPD stated items found at teen’s home revealed “intent to commit an act of terrorism”
  • FBI Director Wray warned of terror threat levels not seen “since the days before 9-11”
Las Vegas police vehicles
Joint law-enforcement units moved fast to arrest an ISIS-supporting teen threatening “lone wolf” attacks on Las Vegas. [Image:]

Teen makes threats

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) has provided more information on the arrest last week of a teenager who made online threats to commit acts of terror against the “enemies of Allah” in Las Vegas.

investigators found materials and instructions for building a bomb

The Daily Mail reported Tuesday that LVMPD, federal, and local anti-terror unit investigators found materials and instructions for building a bomb in a search of the unnamed 16-year-old’s Vegas home.

The LVMPD, FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, and the Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center were said to have reacted “within hours” Friday after being notified of the teen’s social media posts threatening “lone wolf” attacks in the gambling capital of the world.

The Vegas threat was compounded by FBI Director Christopher Wray who warned Congress on Tuesday of an unprecedented number of online posts urging terror attacks on US soil since the war in Israel broke out.

ISIS-inspired teen

According to the LVMPD’s Deputy Chief Dori Koren, investigators searching the suspect’s home found “numerous items of concern to include terrorism propaganda and materials that indicated the suspect’s intent to commit an act of terrorism.”

Materials found included instructions on how to conduct a terrorist attack in addition to a handmade ISIS flag plus Al Qaeda and Islamic State propaganda.

Authorities charged the teen, who remains in custody, with multiple felony charges. According to the LVMPD, these include “making terroristic threats, attempting to further an act of terrorism and providing material support to a terrorist organization.”

Despite authorities stating the Las Vegas threat was an isolated incident, New York last month increased staffing of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force amid reports of “an increasing terror threat” to New York state.

High alert

Adding to the tension while testifying before Congress, Associated Press cited FBI Director Wray as stating online terror threats have increased to levels not seen “since the days before 9-11.” He added what was unique about the current situation was that “so many of the threats are all elevated at the same time.”

With Las Vegas’s recent record of gun crimes, however, including the deadliest mass shooting in US history, it comes as no surprise how fast law enforcement agencies reacted to arrest the teen.

The latest threat puts into perspective why Las Vegas’s casinos gave the creators of Netflix show “Obliterated” the cold shoulder over filming their properties. One film executive stated “it was absolutely the gun violence” that gave the casinos cold feet.

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