Hong Kong Police Arrest $1.9m Money Laundering Suspect and 100s More in Gambling Busts

  • HK police arrested 100s and exposed a suspected big-time money launderer in raids
  • Police shuttered baccarat, mahjong dens, venues with “fishing game gambling machines”
  • Success is another major blow against triads following recent operation Thunderbolt 2023
Hong Kong police
Hong Kong police have netted 100s of suspects and shuttered gambling dens in a month-long operation. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Cops on top

Hong Kong police are experiencing a busy end to 2023 due to a month-long crime crackdown that resulted in the shutdown of illegal gambling dens and 100s of arrests, including that of a suspected major money launderer.

suspect the alleged beauty salon manager of helping launder HK$15m

Authorities stated Sunday they suspect the alleged beauty salon manager helped to launder HK$15m ($1.9m).

According to the South China Morning Post, a “spate of violent street incidents” prompted the crackdown in China’s Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Hong Kong.

Crack unit delivers

A specialist regional anti-triad unit was also deployed to stem the violence in the north of the SAR. The Post cited a debrief from New Territories North anti-triad Hong Kong Chief Inspector, Au Yeung Tak. The Chief Inspector stated the operation rolled out between November 2 to December 2 in Sheung Shui.

The month-long operation saw officers arrest 66 women and 64 men ranging from the age of 20 to 75. In addition to arresting the 130, operatives seized “cash, bank cards, various illegal paraphernalia and suspected proceeds from criminal activities” to the total tune of HK$2.5m ($320,000).

police arrested 122 people and shuttered five gambling dens

In what appears to be another major bust within the operation, police arrested 122 people and shuttered five gambling dens and an illegal gas station, seizing items worth HK$1m ($128,000) as evidence.

According to Chinese media, the illegal gambling establishments operated out of Sheung Shui and Ta Kwu Ling. Police in total shuttered “a baccarat den, two mahjong dens, and two venues with fishing game gambling machines.”

Triads hit hard

The police operation in northern Hong Kong saw those arrested charged with operating illicit gambling venues, gambling, and “violating the Dangerous Goods Ordinance and the Fire Services Ordinance.”

The arrests represent another victory by Hong Kong law enforcement over criminal triads, just two months after the major success of operation “Thunderbolt 2023.” In a series of raids on gambling dens ending September 21, 83,000 Hong Kong police officers arrested 6,400 individuals, seizing HK$410m ($52.4m) in cash and assets.

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