Kevin Durant Joins NFL’s Lamar Jackson and Other NBA Stars in Hitting Back at Bettors

  • NBA’s Kevin Durant told bettors who lose parlays and abuse him: “Yall ain’t real”
  • Ravens QB Lamar Jackson said he doesn’t give a damn about bettors’ parlays
  • The Heat’s Jimmy Butler memorably roasted a courtside bettor during a game
Kevin Durant
The Suns’ Kevin Durant has joined Lamar Jackson, Malik Monk, and Jimmy Butler in hitting back at sore bettors. [Image:]

Phoenix Suns power forward Kevin Durant has joined the likes of Lamar Jackson and Malik Monk in hitting back at disgruntled bettors, stating “Yall ain’t real.”

Durant took to X Monday to roast bettors after he scored 39 points for the Suns in their double-overtime victory over the Utah Jazz on Sunday:

The 35-year-old who is on fire this season called out bettors who’ve abused him when their “parlays don’t hit.”

Durant is the latest sports star to hit back at abuse on social media. Portuguese professional tennis player Joao Sousa was one of the first to speak out in March, stating he was tired of receiving death threats “insults, provocations” from gamblers.

Idc bout yall parlays.”

In October, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson took to X to state he didn’t give a damn about bettors’ parlays or fantasy scores, affirming that he was “trying to win.” Malik Monk of the Sacramento Kings followed suit in November, saying “Idc bout yall parlays.”

Most memorably earlier this month, Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler delivered an ice-cold response during a game to a fan who begged him to help with his bets. Butler told the fan, who said he had to pay his mortgage, that he’d already paid his. “I bought mine cash,” Butler retorted.

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