KSA Fines GoldWin and MKC Limited for Accepting Gamblers in the Netherlands

  • GoldWin-operated Westcasino.com received over 800k visits from the Netherlands in 2022
  • On MKC Limited-owned betworld247.com, players could enter their age without checks
  • In March, the Dutch gambling regulator issued its biggest fine ever to Videoslots, $10.5m
Someone holding a judgment hammer with the word penalty
The Dutch gaming regulator has issued two fines to operators for offering illegal gambling to players in the Netherlands. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Hefty penalties

The Dutch gambling regulator has fined GoldWin Limited and MKC Limited €6.7m ($7.2m) and €900,000 ($957,000), respectively, for offering illegal gambling in the Netherlands.

KSA found that there was no attempt to block players from the Netherlands

Following a December investigation, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) determined that Dutch players could gamble on GoldWin-operated Westcasino.com. After creating an account with Dutch details and placing several bets on the website, KSA found that there was no attempt to block players from the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, the regulator found that MKC Limited-owned betworld247.com was offering online games without the required license in place. Players in the Netherlands were able to register with the website and play games. And, again, the regulator said that no measures – such as blocking Dutch IP addresses or blocking those who enter with Dutch details – were in place to prevent this from happening.

Breaking the rules

According to KSA, since 2022, Westcasino.com received over 800,000 visits from players in the Netherlands. In March, the gambling regulator investigated Westcasino.com again, noting that the site was still accessible to those in the country.

Malta-based GoldWin subsequently received its penalty and was told to stop offering services to players in the Netherlands. Due to an estimated turnover for GoldWin, the KSA set the fine at 7%, equating to €6.7m ($7.2m).

betworld247.com was potentially accessible to vulnerable users and those underage

In regard to MKC Limited and betworld247.com, the KSA found that users could submit their age without necessary identification. This means betworld247.com was potentially accessible to vulnerable users and those underage. According to René Jansen, the current chair of the KSA, this was a “culpable offense,” contributing to the €900,000 ($957,000) fine.

Largest fine ever

GoldWin and MKC Limited are not the first operators to receive large KSA fines.

In March, the KSA issued a significant fine against Videoslots, claiming that it had violated the Dutch Gaming Act. The regulator imposed a $10.5m fine, the largest it has issued to date.

A KSA mystery shopper gained unauthorized access to Videoslots in April 2022 after posing as a customer from Germany, depositing funds, and placing a €0.20 ($0.21) bet. At the time of the incident, Videoslots had been preparing to submit an iGaming license to the regulator.

Videoslots Deputy Chief Executive Ulle Skottling claimed the operator restricted players from the Netherlands and hadn’t violated the Dutch Gaming Act.

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