Golfer Suspended by PGA Tour Says It Was Just $116 in Bets That Led to “Career-Altering” Ban

  • Vince India and Jake Staiano received six- and three-month bans, respectively
  • Staiano placed four bets with stakes totaling $116.20 on affiliated events
  • Three of the bets were placed on an exhibition match in November 2021
Upset golfer
One of the golfers who received a PGA Tour suspension on Friday has revealed that just $116.20 led to his three-month ban. [Image:]

The constant expansion of legal sports betting in the US has put a spotlight on athletes. Many people involved in professional sports have received bans for violating the betting policy of their respective leagues.

One of the latest suspensions of this kind came on Friday when the PGA Tour announced that Vince India and Jake Staiano, both golfers on the Korn Ferry Tour, received six-month and three-month bans, respectively, for betting offenses.

four wagers with stakes totaling just $116.20

Appearing on the “Any Given Money” podcast, Staiano has shed some light on the matter. The 27-year-old explained that it was four wagers with stakes totaling just $116.20 that led to his suspension.

One of these was a $25 wager in 2021 for Bryson DeChambeau to birdie a par 5 hole during a PGA Tour event. The other wagers were on the same player when he played a televised one-on-one match in November 2021 against Brooks Koepka. Staiano didn’t think this was a violation as it was an exhibition and even though he was not playing either time, the PGA Tour prohibits players from wagering on any affiliated events.

Staiano said that he first spoke with an investigator about a potential violation in May 2023 before learning about his suspension in September. He labeled it as “career-altering” and doesn’t want others to make the same mistake.

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