Doctor of Banned Juventus Player Nicolò Fagioli Believes Other Players Gambling Too

  • Juventus star Nicolò Fagioli will serve a seven-month ban for gambling 
  • His doctor says it is likely other players are also struggling with addiction
  • Nicolò Zaniolo and Sandro Tonali are also embroiled in the scandal
Nicolò Fagioli
The doctor of Nicolò Fagioli has claimed that other professional soccer players are likely also struggling with gambling addiction. [Image:]

Just the surface

A betting scandal involving prominent Italian soccer players has grabbed the headlines as of late. Juventus player Nicolò Fagioli – the first to receive his punishment – will serve a seven-month ban for breaching Italy’s Sporting Justice Code.

statistically unlikely that other players are not also taking part in similar activities

The doctor who is responsible for treating the midfielder’s addiction to gambling believes that it is statistically unlikely that other players are not also taking part in similar gambling activities and struggling with addiction.

Doctor Paolo Jarre spoke with La Gazzetta dello Sport about the matter, claiming that Fagioli’s issue isn’t as bad as it might have been. The doctor described his patient as subdued and polite and noted that the recovery appears to be going well and his strong urge to gamble is no longer present.

A descent into addiction

Fagioli will serve a seven-month on-field ban after cooperating with authorities and agreeing to pursue treatment for his addiction. Jarre has been quick to reassure Fagioli that his career is not over, citing the case of former Italian national star Paolo Rossi who was part of a World Cup-winning side after he served a ban for betting-related violations.

Fagioli has featured heavily for Juventus in the current Serie A season and also made his first appearance for the Italian national side in November 2022.

Fagioli began betting in 2021 on a platform that claims to allow people to gamble anonymously. His teammate Sandro Tonali allegedly introduced him to the offering through which he placed bets on tennis and soccer games, as well as playing different types of casino games.

While it began as something casual, it quickly escalated into a full-blown addiction and the player began to fall into debt. He even supposedly received death threats as a result of the money he owed. Fagioli has committed to paying back all the acquaintances and friends he took money from.

A big problem in soccer

The other two players involved in the scandal are Nicolò Zaniolo and Sandro Tonali. They were both sent home from an Italian national team training camp when the news broke about the scandal two weeks ago.

Zaniolo is currently on loan at Aston Villa from Galatasaray, while Tonali became the most expensive Italian player ever when he joined Newcastle United in July for around €70m ($74.5m). Both players are also cooperating with the authorities.

Ivan Toney is also currently serving an eight-month ban

Players betting on soccer has remained an issue for many years. Lucas Paquetá’s planned transfer from West Ham United to Manchester City was postponed this year when it came to light that he was being investigated for potentially engaging in match-fixing. England and Brentford striker Ivan Toney is also currently serving an eight-month ban after committing 232 betting violations.

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