Gambling Streamer Xposed Gifts $17,000 to Cancer Patient on Stream

  • Xposed ran a competition on his Kick stream, asking viewers to call in and pick slots
  • Finalist BLASTINDOINKS revealed that he had a half beard because of cancer treatment
  • Although he lost the final, Xposed gifted him $17,000 to help pay his bills
Xposed has just gifted one of his viewers with $17,000 after learning he was fighting cancer. [Image: Xposed Kick]

Gambling streamer Xposed is well-known for gambling away thousands of dollars on his streams. However, this time the Canadian has decided to give some of that cash away to a worthy cause, pledging to donate $17,000 to one of his followers who is struggling with cancer.

The situation played out on one of Xposed’s Kick streams on Tuesday night on which he was running a $250,000 bonus hunt. In each round, he would get two viewers to call in and pick two slots each in an attempt to get the best return.

Xposed made his night by offering to “help him with some bills”

One player called BLASTINDOINKS made it to the final after securing $106,000 on Dork Unit by Hacksaw Gaming. When questioned about his half beard, he explained that it was the result of radiation treatment for his cancer. BLASTINDOINKS ultimately lost the final, but Xposed made his night by offering to “help him with some bills.”

He shared the moment on X afterward:

Despite first offering to pay BLASTINDOINKS $10,000, Xposed upped this to $17,000 after learning that his credit card was maxed out at $7,000. “I’m gonna have you back on in a year’s time and you’re gonna say you beat that sh*t,” Xposed said. “Then we will do this all over again.”

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