Paddy Power Honors Luis Diaz Goal as VAR Audio Reveals “Sh*tshow” in Liverpool Loss

  • Paddy Power has confirmed its Luis Diaz payout due to damning VAR audio
  • VAR deemed a goal offside incorrectly, potentially costing Liverpool the game
  • The sportsbook lashed officials over “Saturday’s sh*tshow at Spurs”
Luis Diaz
Flutter’s UK sportsbook Paddy Power is giving bettors a “justice payout” on Luis Diaz’s (pictured) disallowed goal for Liverpool. [Image:]

Sportsbook in “justice payout”

Colorful Irish sportsbook Paddy Power has thrown fuel on the raging fire around the video assistant referee (VAR) system in the English Premier League (EPL) by giving bettors a “justice payout” on Luis Diaz’s disallowed goal for Liverpool FC.

Diaz’s goal was wrongly deemed offside

Paddy Power’s reaction follows the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) going public Tuesday with audio of the culpable VAR Darren England swearing after realizing his irretrievable error in which Diaz’s goal was wrongly deemed offside. Sports journalist François Plateau shared the audio on X:

Putting the boot in

Flutter Entertainment-owned Paddy Power took to X on Wednesday to confirm the payout, citing audio from the VAR decision that led to Tottenham Hotspur beating Liverpool 2-1 on Saturday:

While Paddy Power bettors with a stake on Diaz will feel justice somewhat served, Liverpool fans are likely still seething about getting nothing from the game. In its inimitable tone, Dublin-based Paddy Power lashed into the officials responsible for what it called “Saturday’s sh*tshow at Spurs.”

In a news release, the sportsbook accused the referees of not doing the “right thing” and solving the VAR issue on the field of play. Paddy Power stated after hearing the “audio loud and clear […] apparently unlike those on the pitch” it was stepping up to pay out on Diaz.

Offside goal yeah. That’s wrong Daz.”

On the audio, Darren England, who was publicly named and shamed later by Alan Shearer on BBC’s Match of the Day, describes the video check for offside as “perfect.” Seconds after the match restarted, assistant VAR Dan Cook stated: “Offside goal yeah. That’s wrong Daz.” Realizing his error, England repeats “I can’t do anything,” before swearing.

Wanting more

Paddy Power took to X again Wednesday, this time to state it was working through the Diaz markets and that “money will be in accounts shortly.” Unsurprisingly, this led some bettors to ask for more.

X user David Hennessy asked Paddy Power if it would be paying out on the Mohammed Salah assist. The sportsbook replied to Hennessy stating “only markets on Diaz are being paid out as a goodwill gesture.”

X user Nic Wood cheekily asked Bet365 if it would also pay out on Luiz. The sportsbook replied expressing satisfaction with its bet settlements “based on the official result.”

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