Fraudulent Gambling Apps Are Using MrBeast Deepfakes to Trick Victims

  • MrBeast has warned of scammers using deepfake AI to pretend he endorses their product
  • A fraudulent gambling app used an AI version of MrBeast as well as BBC news readers
  • Tom Hanks and Gayle King have also warned of companies faking their faces for marketing
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MrBeast has warned of scammers using an AI version of his face to promote their products. [Image:]

Content creator MrBeast is the latest celebrity to speak up about fraudsters using deepfake artificial intelligence (AI) technology to mimic him. Fake competition scammers and fraudulent gambling companies have started to use images of the star to trick people into downloading apps or giving away their cash.

an ad for an iPhone giveaway featuring a deepfake

MrBeast, real name James Donaldson, took to X on Tuesday to raise awareness of the issue, sharing an ad for an iPhone giveaway featuring a deepfake of himself. He urged social media platforms to take action to combat the “serious problem:”

Earlier this month, another MrBeast advertisement was shared on social media. The ad, which was for a fraudulent gambling application, utilized deepfake technology of MrBeast and BBC reporting to convince the viewer that the star created the app. “The British have already earned about £40m,” the ad explained. “MrBeast says that anyone can do it.”

X user moekordofani shared a video of the ad in question:

In addition to MrBeast, Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has also complained of ads with AI imitations. A company promoting its dental plan used a deepfake of the star to endorse the product. Similarly, broadcast journalist Gayle King warned people “not to be fooled” by an ad using a video of her to promote a product she did not endorse.

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