Fontainebleau Whistleblower Claims Windows Falling Out of Soon-to-Open Las Vegas Resort

  • An anonymous source claiming to be a construction worker has spoken out
  • They said multiple pieces of glass had fallen off the tower, landing on the pool deck
  • Another person claiming to be a project management employee refuted the claims
Fontainebleau Las Vegas
An anonymous construction worker at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas (pictured) has warned of safety issues. [Image:]

The soon-to-open Fontainebleau Las Vegas totes itself as a “luxury hotel in the heart of the Vegas strip,” but the resort may have some safety issues – that’s if one anonymous construction worker is to be believed.

six pieces of large glass” have fallen from the Fontainebleau tower

Las Vegas guide and media personality Jen G took to X with a message she received from a Fontainebleau construction worker. The whistleblower – who Jen G claims to have confirmed as a Fontainebleau employee – said “six pieces of large glass” have fallen from the tower due to wind and storms over the past six months. These landed next to the pool deck where people will sunbathe when the resort opens.

The whistleblower said that Fontainebleau developers want the resort – which will feature a hotel and casino – to open in December, but they cannot find contractors to replace the glass or “make it safe.”

So far, these claims are unconfirmed. Jen G also received an email from a project management employee who partly refuted the allegations. They said that while the site’s glass was in fact damaged by temporary scaffolding, “the glass is structurally sound and inspected by a 3rd party – old and new.”

Plenty of X users chimed in to give their opinion on the matter. One, called Bernon John, shared his concern for “outdated and overlooked” parts of the building given that it has been “under construction for many years.” Meanwhile, others were less convinced by the claims, one user called David Kierz labeling it “BS.” He added: “It’s almost impossible to have windows just blow out.”

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