MGM Employees Complain of Stolen Info and No Schedule Amid Hack

  • Anonymous sources claiming to be MGM employees have shared their experiences
  • They claim they can not view the schedule, and the hackers have stolen sensitive data
  • The MGM cyberattack began more than a week ago and was launched by ALPHV
MGM casinos
MGM employees have alleged that hackers have accessed their sensitive information. [Image:]

Although MGM Resorts International has reassured guests that most of its systems are now back online amid the ongoing cyberattack on its properties, it’s the company’s employees that appear to be suffering the most.

the hack has caused major issues for employees

According to anonymous sources claiming to be MGM workers, the hack has caused major issues for employees. One specific source, shared on social media, said they can not view the schedule or vacation hours for workers. They also divulged that the hackers have acquired sensitive information about staff members, such as socials and bank information.

Las Vegas video content creator Jacob Orth posted one source’s account on X, in which they complained about getting “ZERO answers” from MGM:

In the comments, plenty of other supposed employees chimed in with their experiences. One said they still had no access to their work computer for their MGM email, while others complained of not being able to access their work schedule, meaning they had to call in to determine whether or not they were needed.

The MGM cyberattack, claimed by hacking group ALPHV, began more than a week ago. Analysts have estimated that the company is losing up to $8.4m per day in the attack.

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