US Market Leader FanDuel Crushes Rivals as “Most-Seen” Sportsbook Brand on US TV

  • FanDuel is US TV’s “most-seen” sportsbook brand of 2023
  • FanDuel ad impressions were 49% compared to DraftKings’ 21%
  • The Flutter-owned brand also advertised on Friends; On Patrol: Live
  • It also owns 45% of the US online sports betting market share
FanDuel logo and TV screen
FanDuel has had complete brand dominance over its rivals on TV in 2023, a report reveals. [Image:]

Winning the war

Ad-tracking company has revealed that FanDuel is crushing its US rivals in the battle for sports betting advertising supremacy. From January 1 to August 15, 2023, FanDuel was the “most-seen” sportsbook brand on American TV.

iSpot took to Twitter Wednesday to share a link to its Sports Betting TV Ad Transparency Report:

FanDuel’s share of TV ad impressions increased around 40% to 49% year-on-year. This means FanDuel has a staggering 28% lead over DraftKings, cementing its position as TV’s most-seen sportsbook brand.

BetMGM was third with 16%, PointsBet fourth, and FOX Bet fifth. The latter two have both since announced their exit from the market.

Cross-marketing pays off

Despite all the negative attention TV ads are getting from sports betting’s political opponents, such as Rep. Paul Tonko, sportsbooks have actually increased their ads by 25% from 2022.

More ads during non-sports shows boosted FanDuel’s 2023 TV dominance

In addition, iSpot stated the leading sportsbook brands “are maturing as TV advertisers,” via cross-marketing. More ads during non-sports shows boosted FanDuel’s 2023 TV dominance. FanDuel’s ads on Friends gave it almost 9% of its ad impressions, while those on On Patrol: Live accounted for nearly 3%.

Altogether, 41% of sportsbook TV ad impressions were delivered during non-sports
programming in the period.

Reigning supreme

Earlier this month, FanDuel revealed it had hit a “pivotal” profitability inflection point during the first six months of 2023, with its total US betting revenue up 78% year-on-year to reach £1.37bn ($1.7bn).

A July 2023 report from investment firm Jefferies, meanwhile, revealed FanDuel as the outright US sports betting market leader, owning 45% of the online market in terms of gross gaming revenue. DraftKings was next at 30%, while BetMGM’s slice was just 9%.

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