Family Sues MGM Resorts for Over $15k After Finding a Bat in Hotel Room

  • The family was staying at the New York-New York casino on the Las Vegas Strip
  • Marcus Rucker found and killed a bat in his hotel room before putting it in a stairwell
  • The property disposed of the creature before it underwent testing for rabies
Flying bat
An Arizona family is suing MGM Resorts after finding a bat in their hotel room at New York-New York in Las Vegas, leading to concerns about rabies. [Image:]

A family from Arizona is suing MGM Resorts International after finding a bat in their hotel room in Las Vegas. Marcus Rucker and his family were staying at the New York-New York casino on the Strip in April 2022 when he woke up at about 4am to a noise coming from the curtains in the room. He saw a hanging bat and killed it with a shoe before proceeding to take a photo and place the corpse in a stairwell. He told a front desk worker about the incident and where the remains were.

Rabies is nearly always fatal and no effective treatment exists when symptoms start to appear.

After getting in touch with the Maricopa County Arizona Health Department, Rucker was told that his family should get checked for rabies and advised to get the bat tested. He reached out to New York-New York about the matter, but the bat was already disposed of.

The family had to receive numerous injections to prevent the contraction of rabies; the lawsuit seeks damages of over $15,000.

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