F1 Reduces Cost of License Fees for Las Vegas Strip Venues With View of Course

  • F1 has reportedly threatened to block views if it doesn’t get fees
  • It was initially looking to charge venues a fee of $1,500 per person
  • The organization has now dropped the fees to $50,000 per venue
Las Vegas F1
F1 is reportedly dialing back the size of the license fees it’s charging Las Vegas venues that have a viewpoint of November’s Grand Prix.

F1 is coming to Las Vegas in November this year. With the race set to garner a huge amount of attention, the car racing league is aiming to cash in on the hype. F1 is trying to get substantial license fees from the restaurants and clubs that will have viewpoints of the action.

it will block their views with lights and barricades if they don’t pay a fee

According to media reports, F1 has threatened venues along the circuit that it will block their views with lights and barricades if they don’t pay a fee, initially set at $1,500 per person in each establishment. This would mean that a major venue could have to cough up approximately $3m in licensing fees. According to insiders, F1 has rolled back its threats, now charging these venues just $50,000 each.

The upcoming race has also led to other forms of disgruntlement in the area, including locals criticizing the disruption to traffic as workers prepare the 3.8-mile circuit. The Grand Prix is expected to attract about 300,000 fans.

The prime positions to watch F1 races in person typically cost a pretty penny.

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