Fortunate Ex-Marine Security Guard Skates Prison for Sex Assault at Tulalip Resort Casino

  • Travis Sanderson confessed to sexually motivated fourth-degree assault on a female customer
  • His delayed June trial ended after nine days with a “hopelessly deadlocked” jury
  • Sentence of 24 months probation means Sanderson avoids jail time unless he re-offends
Snohomish Courthouse
COVID-19, procedures, and a deadlocked jury has led to a casino security guard avoiding jail time for a serious sexual assault. [Image:]

A former Tulalip Resort Casino security guard in Washington State, who this week confessed to fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation on a female customer while on duty, has avoided a jail sentence. Former US Marine Travis Sanderson initially faced felony second-degree rape charges related to an incident in August 2018 at the casino owned by the Tulalip Tribes of Washington.

confessed to escorting an intoxicated woman to her hotel room

On Wednesday, Sanderson finally confessed to escorting an intoxicated woman to her hotel room and having sexual contact with her, something he at first denied as consensual until a sexual assault examination of the woman proved otherwise.

Sanderson can consider himself very fortunate. His trial was first delayed by the pandemic and procedural issues. When his trial for the rape charges finally began in June, it was a nine-day affair that resulted in a “hopelessly deadlocked” jury.

On Wednesday, Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Karen Moore sentenced the ex-Marine to a one-year suspended jail term, meaning Sanderson will serve 24 months on probation and will avoid any jail time unless he re-offends. Judge Moore stated the sentence was an “appropriate resolution to put this very old case to rest.”

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