Congresswoman Fails NFL’s Sports Betting Policy Response, Asks What’s It “Trying to Hide”

  • Rep. Dina Titus gave pro leagues and the NCAA a July 15 deadline
  • Titus said she expected the NFL to share its internal sports betting policies
  • The NFL’s pivot led Titus to ask if the league had something to hide
NFL logo with the US flag
Congresswoman Titus is not happy with the NFL’s pivot to avoid revealing its sports betting policies.

Almost a month late, the NFL has submitted its response to US Rep. Dina Titus’s (D – Nev.) demand that it share its sports betting policies and the Congresswoman is far from impressed.

Titus wrote the NFL, the 12 other US pro sports leagues, and the NCAA in June, giving them a July 15 deadline to respond to her open request for information on their internal sports betting policies, including education and enforcement. 

Instead of a response like the NCAA’s, which admitted 175 post-PASPA sports betting violations, the NFL shifted the spotlight onto lawmakers and law enforcement. In a letter obtained by the Associated Press, NFL vice president of public policy and government affairs Jonathan Nabavi called on Congress and the Feds to provide “additional attention and resources […] in bringing enforcement actions” against illegal sports betting operators.

very disappointing that the NFL has declined to answer our questions”

Reacting to Nabavi’s statement, Titus said: “It’s very disappointing that the NFL has declined to answer our questions [and] pivoted to illegal sports betting.”

Titus, whose jurisdiction includes the Las Vegas Strip, then stated: “It makes one wonder what they are trying to hide.”

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