LSU Football Coach Changes Injury Reporting Policy to Combat Gambling Concerns

  • LSU will publicize injury updates twice during the week of a game
  • The team wants to be proactive in combatting betting-related issues
  • Kelly doesn’t want staff to come under pressure to reveal inside info
LSU Stadium
LSU’s football coach has updated the team’s injury reporting policy in an attempt to combat betting-related pressures. [Image:]

Louisiana State University (LSU) Football Head Coach Brian Kelly has altered the team’s injury reporting policy. Updates will now be given twice in the week of a game, similar to the system currently in place for NFL teams. The 61-year-old outlined the aim of the move on Thursday, asserting that he wants to issue a “proactive” response to the growing popularity of legal sports betting.

concerns about gamblers pressuring staff members to release inside information

Kelly has concerns about gamblers pressuring staff members to release inside information, such as injury updates on players. A number of college coaches and players have come under scrutiny in recent months over suspicious betting activity. In one case, the University of Alabama Baseball Coach Brad Bohannon was fired for allegedly giving inside information to a bettor.

Kelly doesn’t want the Tigers to be “the next school to go down that path,” which is why the team is going to be a lot more transparent about the injury status of players. The head coach has no concerns that this change in approach will mean that LSU will be giving up a tactical advantage. Many teams try to keep injury news close to their chests in an attempt to create uncertainty among the opposition.

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