California Poker Heist Suspect Caught After Falling Through Ceiling While Attempting Escape

  • The suspect, Nicholas Boyd, took part in a $30,000 poker game robbery
  • Police arrested the first suspect at the time, but Boyd got away
  • Authorities arrested him last week after he fell through a ceiling
Handcuffed man
A poker heist suspect fell through a ceiling while attempting to escape from police in San Jose before getting caught. [image:]

A suspect in a California poker game robbery in May was arrested last week following a botched escape attempt.

he fell through the ceiling and into the shower of an adjoining residence

The man tried to evade police following a standoff by entering an attic in a house before he fell through the ceiling and into the shower of an adjoining residence. Officers eventually negotiated Nicholas Boyd’s surrender without any further issues. 

The robbery took place at a house in San Jose. More than ten people were playing poker at the time when two masked and armed suspects entered the property. They put everyone on the floor and stole over $30,000 in cash, along with other property.

Police apprehended one of the suspects shortly after the incident, but the other one remained at large until last week. They managed to identify the second suspect, issue a search warrant for his arrest, and track him down to a house in the city.

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