VegasSlotsOnline News Talks to Urgent Games CEO Adam Petroli

  • Supplier Urgent Games now has more than 120 exciting games
  • Petroli says the company will soon go live in Canada too
  • The CEO points to a talented team as a major company advantage
  • New game release offers a medieval theme, jackpots, and bonuses
Urgent Games
VegasSlotsOnline News caught up with the Urgent Games CEO to discuss new game Fellowship of the Realms. [Image:]

Founded in 2012, Urgent Games is now at the cutting edge of online slot design. The supplier has been featured in VegasSlotsOnline’s Slots of the Week four times so far, and with good reason. Games such as Christmas With Krampus, Jurassic Babies, and Carnival of Souls are keeping players entertained for hours.

The latest Urgent Games slot to make it into our Slots of the Week roundup is Fellowship of the Realms. It’s a fantasy-themed slot with elves, dwarves, necromancers, and more, rendered beautifully by the Urgent Games design team.

Now that game is live and available to play, VSO News decided to get in touch with Urgent Games to see if we could find out a bit more about its design. None other than company CEO Adam Petroli answered the call, giving us his invaluable insight into the world of gaming.

Can you tell us a bit about the company and what you do?

We started 11 years ago when we had a platform we were operating. Then we started building our own games around five years ago. Now we have over 120 games, including slots, craps, blackjack, roulette, and crash games. Then we have branded games and exclusive games for some of our clients as well.

we have a little bit of everything going on

We’ve also revisited our platform and our aggregator now, so we have a little bit of everything going on!

I can see you’re dialing in from South America. Where is the company actually based and which markets are you focused on?

The company is based in the British Virgin Islands but we also have a registration going through in Malta so we are really excited about that. We’re just waiting on the finalization of the Malta Gaming Authority.

In terms of markets, we are focused on Europe, Asia, and the United States. We’re actually going to go live in Canada in the next month as well.

Interesting! Has it been a difficult process getting that MGA approval?

Absolutely. In Malta it’s a year-long process. It takes months to get the paperwork, then a review, and then submission to the gaming board. It’s an extremely extensive process, and then of course you have game certification and testing as well.

What would you say makes Urgent Games stand out from other suppliers in the market?

A lot of things. When we first started a lot of people told us that our technology was light years ahead of the competition – one thing being cryptocurrency. A lot of people talk about crypto but actual real-world supported cryptocurrency basically doesn’t exist in most games.

Then, one of the biggest advantages of Urgent Games is the team behind everything. You can see what they’ve been doing on the sales and commercial side. We have partnered EveryMatrix, BetConstruct, Reevo, Pariplay, and some of the most important operators in the region as well. We’re already live with William Hill and we’re just waiting on our MGA approval to further that partnership. They said they love our craps more than any other online right now.

We’re at a new level right now in terms of speed, design, and quality

Then we have the design team working on these new ideas with incredible speed. We’re at a new level right now in terms of speed, design, and quality.

How quickly are you going from the basic idea of a game to that game being live?

It takes around a month and a half at the most. We are releasing four games per month, and we have 27 games ready in design that we are waiting to release. The Urgent Games team is only around 25-30 people so they’re all doing a great job.

What is the modern slots player looking for in their games?

They’re looking for something that is going to keep their attention. This includes the maths models, the RPG, and the different dynamics such as pop-ups. Bigger jackpots, more bonuses, and getting constant wins all the time also keeps them intrigued. We’re also doing animations in the background along with custom music for every game. We’re building our own little ecosystem.

For those that are yet to play the game, can you tell them what to expect from Fellowship of the Realms?

For this game, we tried to convey the love that we have for some of the movies we’ve seen and books we’ve read in the past. We love those medieval-type themes with the druids and the witches. It’s something that really struck home with the team, so it was something that we put a lot of love and attention into.

we went with higher jackpots and bonuses to keep people entertained

On this one we went with higher jackpots and bonuses to keep people entertained a little bit more, then of course the different win animations. I love the pop-ups too with the wizards holding the staff, it really makes the game come alive.

How was the design process?

It began with the theme and then we built the mechanic around it. We usually have two teams working in parallel. We have people working on the dynamics and the backend, then we will have a team working on the front end as well. We then pair those up as we go through the development process, figuring out which one goes best with which game.

What’s next for Urgent Games? Can you share any other game details?

Yes, we have a whole bunch coming out soon. One is Spirit of Spectres, based around spooky things that go bump in the night, and then we just released a crash game last week called Robo Crash. We have a couple more crash games coming soon too. Then we are going to be focusing on our slots games for a while but we also want to rebrand our craps, blackjack, and roulette one more time.

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