Will SlamBall Become the New Sports Betting Craze?

  • SlamBall combines the basics of basketball with trampolining
  • The league’s Twitter account hinted betting could become an option
  • Sportsbooks would need to receive approval from state regulators
Person playing Slamball
SlamBall has just returned to US arenas, and the league has teased that betting could become an option.

The high-flying theatrics of SlamBall may soon become an option for sports bettors. The hybrid basketball-trampolining sport – which just returned to US arenas after a seven-year hiatus – has hinted at the possibility of SlamBall betting sometime soon.

modified rules and trampoline floors near the basket

SlamBall takes the basic appearance and goal of basketball—to put the ball into the hoop—to an entirely new level with modified rules and trampoline floors near the basket. The literal launching pad helps players soar and has created endless poster dunks and blocks.

Now that the initial allure of the return of SlamBall has worn off, the league appears ready to ramp up the excitement by aligning with sportsbooks to provide sports betting lines. That’s per the official Twitter account, which hinted at the possibility Thursday night:

SlamBall cannot independently provide betting odds, but it can encourage sportsbooks to accept wagers on verified events. Sportsbooks that display interest will need approval from state regulators to add SlamBall to the catalog of approved betting events.

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