Lawsuit Accuses Canadian Casino of Failing to Protect Manager From Fatal Attack By Violent 6’4” Drunk

  • A 300lb gambler threw a punch that would lead to Rodney Frenette’s death
  • Frenette’s family filed suits against the attacker and Great Canadian Gaming
  • They allege the casino security team should have prevented the attack
Casino New Brunswick
The family of a Casino New Brunswick manager killed in an attack is suing the deceased’s former employer for negligence.

A lawsuit filed in the court of Moncton, a city in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, is accusing a casino’s owners of negligence in a fatal attack. A violent drunk fatally assaulted the plaintiffs’ family member, who was the manager of the Casino New Brunswick at the time.

The plaintiffs – Frenette’s widow, daughter, and estate – have actually filed two lawsuits. One is aimed at the attacker, Michael Thomas Glaspy, and the other is against casino owner Great Canadian Gaming. The former is facing a manslaughter charge for the attack which took place in March this year.

a drunk, 300lb man with known violent tendencies

The Great Canadian lawsuit essentially accuses the operator of not protecting its now-deceased manager Rodney Frenette, 56, from Glaspy. The suit labels the attacker a drunk, 300lb man with known violent tendencies whose one punch led to Frenette’s death. The victim died 24 days later.

According to a statement of claim, the suit alleges casino security should have ultimately prevented the intoxicated Glaspy from ever throwing a punch.

Meanwhile, the suit against Glaspy claims he used “excessive force” on Frenette and “failed to take into account his superior physical demeanor and martial arts and/or boxing training.” The plaintiffs also highlight that he failed to avoid a gambling facility despite those habits causing him anger and aggravation.

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