Here’s What Kylian Mbappé Could Buy With His $775m Contract Offer From Al Hilal

  • Kylian Mbappé is now the most valuable soccer asset in the world
  • PSG was offered €300m ($332.3m) to sell Mbappé to Al Hilal
  • Mbappé has been offered the largest contract in sports history
  • He could buy Everton, a Bugatti every day, or 86 luxury helicopters
Kylian Mbappe
Soccer superstar Kylian Mbappé could buy entire countries with his potential earnings from Al Hilal. [Image:]

A world-record contract

French player Kylian Mbappé is the latest soccer superstar to receive a mega contract offer from Saudi Arabia. The 24-year-old could earn €700m ($775.4m) in a single year if he signs with Al Hilal. 

part of the country’s $20bn plan to grow its soccer league

Al Hilal already officially tabled a €300m ($332.3m) transfer offer for the Parisian after missing out on the bidding war for Lionel Messi. The offer is part of the country’s $20bn plan to grow its soccer league, having already secured deals with stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante, and others.

As part of the deal, Mbappé could leave at the end of his contract, which expires in just one year. To commemorate what could prove the largest deal in soccer history, VegasSlotsOnline News has found out what Mbappé could buy with his year of riches in Saudi Arabia.

What Mbappé could buy

In one just year with Al Hilal, Mbappé could afford:

One Bugatti Veyron every day of the year ($1.9m each)

Who only wants one car when you can have a fresh one every day? If Mbappé wanted, he could purchase a brand new Bugatti Veyron sports car on all 365 days of the year.

86 top-of-the-line Airbus private helicopters ($9m each)

We’re talking helicopters with their own bathrooms. Who knows why Mbappé would need 86 of the things, but he could certainly afford them.

The English Premier League club Everton ($744m)

It would be quite something if the Ballon D’or candidate took his talents to Merseyside, wouldn’t it? Well, he could actually buy the Premier League club Everton and have some change left over.

484,000 1TB iPhone Pro Max’s ($1,600 each)

MrBeast and other viral sensations are always giving away iPhones, perhaps Mbappé is already lining up his second career. The soccer star could bag himself nearly half a million of the best iPhones on the market with his Al Hilal cash.

Rights to the music catalogs of Prince ($163m) and Pink Floyd ($500m)

Two of the most legendary artists have nothing on Mbappé’s financial clout. We’re not sure if he’s a fan, but he could acquire the rights to Purple Rain and Another Brick in the Wall, along with all of these musicians’ back catalogs.

350 million plays on the Powerball lottery ($2 per ticket)

Spend money to make money? Who knows why he’d play the lottery when he has already essentially won it with his contract, but he could purchase a horde of tickets if he wanted to – 350 million to be exact. The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot stand at 1 in 292.2 million… we like those odds.

43,000 years of tuition at Yale ($16,000 per year)

This would count as Mbappé’s philanthropic work for the year. That is, unless he plans on achieving immortality and taking all 46,000 years of study himself, in which case, he’d be pretty well-educated by the end. 

Every ticket to the Super Bowl for three years ($3,480 each)

The average cost of a ticket to the 2023 Super Bowl was $3,480. Mbappé could afford to fill the entire stadium three times over and still have $100m left to play with.

The world’s largest yacht ($600m)

The largest yacht in the world, owned by oligarch Alisher Usmanov, is called the Azzam. It is 592 feet, six inches long, and has bulletproof cabins, anti-missile defense systems, multiple pools, a salon, a gym, a tennis court, and much more. Mbappé could own it all.

15 flights to the international space system ($50m each)

The flight can take four hours to three days depending on the aircraft used and the rotation of the earth. Whether it’s a day trip or a long weekend, Mbappé and 14 other aviators could fulfill their wildest dreams.

10 different countries (based on GDP)

The beauty of countries such as Palau, Samoa, São Tomé, and Príncipe could be more than a getaway for Mbappé. His contract offer represents a greater value than the national GDP of ten such countries.

Endless riches

Messi owns the record for the largest contract in the history of professional sports at $678m over four years, or an annual salary of $168.5m. Ronaldo’s current deal with Al-Nassr FC is for roughly $536.6m over 2.5 years, including the largest-ever yearly payment of $214.5m.

nearly 150% of LeBron James’ 20-year career salary in just one season

Mbappé, who scored a hat-trick in the most recent FIFA World Cup Final, would smash both of those along with Neymar Jr.’s record for the highest transfer fee of €222m ($245.9m), which PSG paid to Barcelona to acquire him. He’d also earn nearly 150% of LeBron James’ 20-year career salary in just one season.

The offered contract is worth roughly 10,000 times more than the average American household income and is more than the 14 highest-paid NBA players combined. It also breaks down to earnings of:

  • $775.4m per year
  • $64.6m per month
  • $2.12m per day
  • $88,500 per hour
  • $1,475 per minute
  • $24.60 per second

Will the deal go through?

The unrelenting saga between PSG and Mbappé has been well documented, and it appears as if their time together is finally coming to an end.

The French giants signed Mbappé from AS Monaco, first on loan and then permanently for €180m ($199.5m) in 2018. He has since scored 148 goals in 176 appearances, won the Ligue 1 five times, claimed several domestic trophies, and finished as runner-up in the 2020 UEFA Champions League Final.

the 2018 World Cup winner is reportedly prepared to run his contract down

Despite their success together, the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner is reportedly prepared to run his contract down and leave on a free transfer next summer. That motivated PSG to encourage bids for their young talisman, leading to the Saudis’ jaw-dropping offer.

Mbappé was left out of PSG’s pre-season tour in Japan earlier this month. Reports have indicated that he is unlikely to accept the Saudis’ offer and has not wavered in his intent to move to the Spanish capital in 2024.

Al Hilal’s offer has reportedly ignited interest in clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Barcelona. Mbappé, meanwhile, is supposedly “completely uninterested” in joining Tottenham, while Barcelona would have to send players to PSG to make the deal work since the club doesn’t have the necessary finances.

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