Leaders of North Carolina Camp for Disabled and Sick Children Oppose New Casino Nearby

  • Camp Carefree is in Rockingham County, North Carolina
  • A nearby rezoning request has links to a casino developer
  • Camp leaders say a casino would “take away” from the kids
Woman holding child's hand
The leaders of a camp in North Carolina for children with disabilities and serious illnesses have conerns about a potential new casino development nearby. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

The leaders of a North Carolina-based camp for children who have disabilities and chronic illnesses have concerns about plans for a new casino development nearby. Camp Carefree is in Rockingham County, which is also the home jurisdiction of Senate Leader Phil Berger.

would take away from these kids who already don’t have a lot.”

Locals became aware earlier this month about a rezoning request for nearby land by NC Development Holdings, which has links to casino developer Cordish Companies. Camp Carefree Summer Director Ryan Joyce argued that a nearby casino “would take away from these kids who already don’t have a lot.” He added that the project would not be beneficial for the local community.

The Rockingham County planning board rejected the rezoning request last week with a 5-2 vote. That means the final decision now lies in the hands of the county’s Board of Commissioners, with a meeting set for August 21.

It is not actually certain that commercial casinos will have the option of entering the state, with permitting legislation still up in the air. Senate Leader Phil Berger estimated last week that the chances of legislation gaining passage by the end of this summer are “better than 50/50.”

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