Freakish Hail Storm Hits Las Vegas as More Than 113 Million Americans Under Extreme Heat Alerts

  • Hail, rain lashed Vegas after it nearly broke its temperature record of 117°
  • Over 113 million Americans are under extreme heat alerts across the US
  • LA airport took to Twitter Monday to warn travelers of severe weather risks
Weather warning sign
Las Vegas has been hit by some bizarre weather this week, from extreme heat to hailstorms. [Image:]

The Las Vegas Valley was a strange place to be Monday for residents and visitors alike caught in a freakish summer storm that brought hail, winds, and heavy rain to Clark County. The weather was particularly strange given the near-record high temperatures that came just a day prior.

Nevada news source Las Vegas Locally took to Twitter to retweet a recording of the hail and rain lashing down on Henderson:

The bizarre weather signals the coming of the monsoon season, and came a day after Las Vegas almost broke its all-time temperature high of 117°.

The Clark County cities of Henderson and Vegas were included in an extreme weather heat alert issued to 113 Americans over the past few days. Reno, Flagstaff, and Salt Lake City also made the list, all of which either equaled or nearly equaled their all-time highest temperatures on record on Sunday.

high winds, thunderstorms, and lightning”

Harry Reid International Airport on Monday took to Twitter to warn of “high winds, thunderstorms, and lightning,” advising travelers to consult airlines about the status of flights to and from Vegas.

June was the hottest month ever documented globally with scientists pointing to developing El Nino climate conditions in the Pacific. The crazy weather in Las Vegas might only be the start of more extreme weather to come though. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration stated El Nino has an “81% chance it will peak with a moderate to strong intensity” between November and January.

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