Man Rides Dirt Bike Into Las Vegas Casinos Before Popping Wheelies Along Boulevard

  • The man illegally rode through gaming floors and down escalators
  • Charges include felony counts and four gross counts of reckless driving
  • LVMPD formed RAID to combat a predicted rise in illegal street racing
Dirt bike
A Specialist LVMPD police unit has arrested a man for riding his dirt bike through multiple casinos. [Image:]

Although formed only last year, a special unit of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police (LVMPD) formed to tackle illegal street racing has made 185 arrests. The latest came after a man rode his dirt bike through Las Vegas casinos.

The LVMPD Traffic Bureau took to Twitter to share an image of the unnamed man tracked down by the department’s Racing Apprehension and Intervention Detail unit, RAID:

Police arrested the “known reckless driver” on suspicion of driving his bike through the gaming floors of “multiple casinos,” up and down stairs and escalators, and “doing wheelies” along Las Vegas Boulevard. According to Nevada media outlets, the dirt biker’s charges include endangering a person or property, four gross counts of reckless driving, and one felony count of assault with a deadly weapon.

correctly predicted that illegal street racing would become more frequent

While casinos are looking forward to Formula One coming to Sin City, RAID is working to protect the public from any uptick in dangerous driving as a result, especially illegal street racing. In April, RAID’s Lt. Daryl Rhoads said the LVMPD had correctly predicted that illegal street racing would become more frequent and formed RAID “before Las Vegas became like an L.A.”

Along with the 185 arrests since the unit formed in March 2022, RAID has cited 238 people and towed 215.

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