GGPoker Introduces Auto Fold Feature, Players Not Happy

  • The new feature lets players define a range of hole cards to automatically fold pre-flop
  • Auto fold is only available in Rush & Cash Hold’em games
  • Players see it as a form of real-time assistance that removes decision-making
  • Some believe it’s a way for GGPoker to get more rake by speeding up hands
GGPoker logo on table felt
Poker players are not thrilled with the new auto fold feature GGPoker has introduced to Rush & Cash Hold’em games. [Image:]

GGPoker has introducing a controversial new “auto fold” feature in its Rush & Cash Hold’em games, allowing players to define a range of hole cards the software will automatically fold for them, based on table position. The poker room first announced the feature on its invite-only Discord channel and officially confirmed it with its update and patch notes post on its customer support subreddit on Friday.

people see this as a partial, built-in RTA

Some players are fine with the feature, looking forward to it speeding up play, and improving the “boring” part of the game, pre-flop folding. But most who have made their feelings known do not like it one bit. With real-time assistance (RTA) programs forbidden and players having been banned for their use, people see this as a partial, built-in RTA and possibly one step toward wider use.

Additionally, as poker pro Mark Rubbathan put it, auto fold removes “an entire part of the decision tree.” He laments that it will keep players from making pre-flop mistakes, but the flip side is that it can also keep players from making good decisions in the right situations.

Other poker players see it as a scheme for GGPoker to make more money. Auto fold will speed up pre-flop action, increasing hands per hour, and, in turn, rake per hour. On top of that, if weaker players can avoid pre-flop mistakes with auto fold, their bankrolls will last longer and thus they can contribute more to rake.

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