Nevada Man Arrested For Death of Infant Who “Crawled Onto” Fentanyl Left Another in Car to Gamble

  • Jeffrey Terakami left his partner’s one-year-old in a car at a casino in 2021
  • BCPD arrested the pair in June, nearly seven months after the death of their eight-month-old son
  • Ryot died of exposure to his father’s drugs; if convicted the pair face ten years to life in prison
Man in handcuffs
If the death of a Nevada infant for crawling onto his father’s drugs mix wasn’t tragic enough, it has just emerged the father had once left his partner’s infant in a car while he gambled at a Dotty’s casino. [Image:]

The case of a Boulder City father arrested recently for the tragic death of his 8-month-old infant in November 2022 has caught the media’s attention because of new information that the accused, Jeffrey Terakami, had a prior child neglect charge.

According to a criminal complaint and court documents shared by News 3, Terakami had in 2021 left his partner Kara Dugan’s one-year-old child unattended in his car while he “went inside a Dotty’s casino to gamble for 20 to 30 minutes.”

While this child survived, Ryot Terakami, the infant identified by the Clark County Office of the Coroner/Medical Examiner (CCOCME), wasn’t so lucky.

 it took “several months to get the toxicology report back from the crime lab”

The reason Terakami and Dugan weren’t arrested until months after Ryot’s death, explained Boulder City Police Lt. Thomas Healing, was that it took “several months to get the toxicology report back from the crime lab.” The CCOCME’s autopsy revealed that Ryot’s death was “a result of fentanyl toxicity” and another significant condition of “recent methamphetamine exposure.”

Under BCPD questioning, both parents said Terakami had spilled a meth-fentanyl mix onto their bed, which Ryot then “crawled onto.” If convicted of second degree murder as charged, Terakami and Dugan could spend ten years to life in prison.

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