Kick Working Hard to Reverse Unauthorized Gambling Services Ban in Greece

  • ISPs in Greece blocked people from accessing the Kick streaming platform
  • A Kick spokesperson said that the company is working with ISPs to resolve the issue
  • The Hellenic Gaming Commission has added Kick to its blacklist
blacklist button on a keyboard
The Kick streaming platform is working hard to reverse a ban it got in Greece for offering “unauthorized gambling services.”

Certain internet service providers (ISPs) in Greece blocked the Kick streaming platform for “providing unauthorized gambling services.” A spokesperson from Kick revealed to Dexerto that this was a temporary issue and that the company is working with the ISPs to rectify the problem. The ban supposedly resulted from an ISP attempting to block an individual channel and mistakenly walling off the entire domain.

the Hellenic Gaming Commission has added it to its blacklist

While Kick is not a gambling site and does not provide any sort of gambling services, the Hellenic Gaming Commission has added it to its blacklist, citing the “Slots Gang” section of the site as the reason. This section is no longer a part of the streaming platform.

People in the country trying to access the platform get redirected to the gambling regulator’s website. Kick’s parent company Stake, an online gambling platform, is also on the country’s block list. Greece has stringent rules in place for the online gambling sector.

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