Trainwreck Reveals That Drops Are Coming to the Kick Streaming Platform

  • Trainwreck tweeted that drops similar to what viewers get on Twitch are “already in the works”
  • Drops are a way for viewers to get rewards when they are watching streams of certain games
  • These rewards can include access to beta tests and in-game items
a person in front of a video game
Trainwreck has revealed that drops are coming soon to the Kick streaming platform. [Image:]

Popular streamer Trainwreck has hinted that drops are coming to the Kick platform in the future. The 32-year-old has a close relationship with Kick and is often the person who breaks the news about the rollout of new features. He tweeted that drops are “already in the works.”

getting access to the beta testing phase of games to receiving in-game items

Drops are already a popular feature on Twitch, allowing viewers to earn rewards when watching streams of certain games. People typically need to view a participating stream for a certain period of time to receive the drops. These rewards can range from access to the beta testing phase of a game to in-game items.  

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