Denmark’s Royal Casino Aarhus Given Three Months to Address Six Anti-Money Laundering Breaches

  • One order was for due diligence failures for high-risk patrons from “high-risk third countries”
  • The regulator has warned police could get involved to deal with repeat or serious cases
  • Royal Casino Aarhus has three months to submit evidence that it has corrected the breaches
Royal Scandinavian Casino Aarhus
The Danish gambling authority has ordered the owners of Aarhus’s landmark Royal Scandinavian Casino (pictured) to correct multiple AML breaches within three months. [Image:]

The Danish gambling authority, Spillemyndigheden, has given the Danish RoyalCasino Group three months to sort out six anti-money laundering (AML) violations from a landmark neoclassical hotel and casino it owns in Aarhus.

Spillemyndigheden issued six orders to Royal Scandinavian Casino Aarhus last week for violating Denmark’s AML Act. The gambling authority found breaches in various areas, including insufficient risk assessment of cash payments, poor customer identification, and no written business procedures for due diligence measures and reporting.

1920s social focal point for Denmark’s upper classes

The casino, which was a 1920s social focal point for Denmark’s upper classes, also fell afoul of non-compliance with internal controls, not supplying training material on enhanced due diligence procedures, and failure to execute adequate due diligence measures for high-risk Danish patrons and those from “high-risk third countries.”

In a news release, Spillemyndigheden stated the orders give Royal Casino “an obligation to act,” warning that further violations will earn orders or reprimands. The regulator added police would get brought in to deal with repeat or serious cases.

In the meantime, Royal Casino Aarhus’s executives and lawyers are no doubt already burning the midnight oil to supply Spillemyndigheden with updated assessments, procedures, due diligence measures, and whatever else it requires within three months.

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