Shooting Star Casino Security Guard Charged With Assault in Minnesota

  • White Earth Tribal Police charged security guard Eugene Davis with 4th and 5th degree assault
  • Davis pinned Wade to the floor and proceeded to headbutt the troublemaker several times
  • Tribal police have already charged Wade for harassing a gambler in the Shooting Star Casino
Whtie Earth Police car
White Earth Tribal Police have charged the security guard who headbutted a Shooting Star Casino troublemaker senseless.

Late on the first Thursday night of June in Minnesota’s Shooting Star Casino, security guard Eugene Davis, 43, took down a troublemaking casino goer. After the dust settled, the stunned reactions of those watching revealed how far Davis had crossed the line.

proceeded to head-butt him several times, even though onlookers urged him to stop

Witnesses shared a video of the assault on Facebook, with many questioning the excessive violence that ultimately landed the security guard in serious hot water with authorities. As the video revealed, Davis used his considerable bulk to immobilize Shawn Lee Wade on the casino floor. He then proceeded to headbutt him several times, even though onlookers urged him to stop.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing, but news has just emerged that White Earth Tribal Police have charged Davis with fourth and fifth-degree assault. Under Minnesota law, fifth-degree assault carries a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail or a $1,000 fine. Fourth-degree assault is typically for violence against, but not limited to, police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel.

North Dakota media firm Valley News Live revealed the news on Thursday, adding that Davis’ charges could change as the investigation continues. VNL stated Minnesota authorities have set June 26 as the date for the security guard’s arraignment.

It’s not clear yet what Wade’s profession is, but tribal police have charged him with making terrorizing threats. He supposedly claimed he was “going to kill a nurse.”

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